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Best Buy Will Accept Apple Pay, First Defector From Rival Payments Alliance

The electronics retailer gave a major boost to Apple’s mobile payments system, even though it’s a founding member of a competing payments alliance. Rob Carr / Getty Images Best Buy said today that it would start accepting Apple Pay in its app immediately and in stores laster this year, a major win for Apple in […]

Facebook Messenger Now Includes Video Calling

The social network hopes to transform Messenger into a world-class standalone app. Facebook Onstage at Facebook's annual F8 conference back in March, CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged to transform the social networking service into a suite of applications. “Moving from just being a single service to a family of world-class apps is the biggest shift in […]

People In Nepal Are Letting Their Loved Ones Know They Are Safe Using Facebook

Facebook introduced its “Safety Check” feature last October. In a press release, Facebook said its engineers in Japan began working on the project after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in the country. The team wanted to give its users a fast and easy way to let as many people as possible know they were safe […]

My Problem With The Passwords

One woman’s struggle with the day to day grind of extreme cryptography. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed It is 8:46 in the morning and I have already created two new passwords. I like to think of myself as your Average Person just trying to mail a package or buy a carton of spider eggs. I'd like […]

11 Celebrities And Rich People Who Got Their Apple Watch Before You

All Apple customers are created equal. But some are more equal than others. Bob Iger, chief executive officer of Disney Steve Jobs' widow Laurene Powell Jobs is Disney's largest shareholder and Iger serves on Apple's board of directors. Christy Turlington Burns Stephen Lam / Getty Images J.J. Abrams Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images View […]

26 Essential Apple Watch Tips And Tricks

A guide to the smartwatch’s swipes, taps, and touches. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Tapping the digital crown for home screen Basically, it's your new home button. Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed Force Touch vs. Tap Because the watch is pressure sensitive, it knows when you've tapped versus when you've pressed. A tap is obvious, just tap […]

This Is How Uber Hopes To Take Over The World

The ride-hail giant is expanding globally — and it’s doing so by replicating the hyperlocal approach it already uses in the U.S. Conceived as a solution to what its founders described as “the horrible taxi problem in San Francisco,” Uber's uniquely local approach to common transportation woes has very quickly transformed an upstart […]

Oops. It is certainly important to have a sound plan to accept all forms of payment online. Just make sure that your financial institution will be around long enough for you to enjoy the benefits!

Big Layoffs At BitTorrent The company behind the revolutionary file-sharing protocol sacks dozens of employees. More info @ Automated post from Axios Consulting – April 24, 2015 at 07:40AM

I love golf

There are few other sporting events out there that get me to sit in front of the TV more than a golf tournament. Sure, the most time would be an NFL Sunday but if we were talking about one single event then the PGA tour has everyone beat hands down. Every time I discuss with […]

What if your doctor told you that you had two weeks left to live?

I just received an email from a client of mine. They forwarded me an email from one of the other consulting companies they are doing business with and they wanted my take on things. After giving their ridiculous recommendations on a technical issue my client is experiencing (which I will explain in further detail in […]

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