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How the CA gas crisis is affecting your network

Gas prices in California have reached a four-year high twice this past weekend. This will certainly affect not only the weekend drives with the family, but also the daily commute and cost of all goods that are being transported around via our major freeways using the now-precious fuel.

And do you know who else is using gas to get to your business? Your IT professional. If you are hiring a server administrator or network services consulting company that is sending someone out to your business currently for any issue, most likely you are overpaying. While this approach might be a “feel good” measure that taken on behalf of the IT firm, how are they going to compensate for that IT professional in term of time and mileage? You guessed it, they will simply hike their fees and pass the costs on to you!

Yes, there are items that absolutely require a network technician on site. Server crashes, network outages, and emergencies that render a box unreachable to the outside world that require us getting in our cars and speeding off to the rescue of our clients’ infrastructure. But there is simply no point in charging outrageous prices when it’s time to do monthly network and server maintenance.

When it is time for you, as the business owner, to pick a firm to partner with for your IT needs you need to be comfortable with their knowledge, their reputation, and that they will never take advantage of you. How can anyone justify mileage expenses when the technology to remotely manage a network has been there for years?

Axios Consulting has had the chance to work with a variety of tools: From Kaseya to Desktop Authority, from Autotask to ConnectWise. We are fully aware that your server could care less if there’s an actual carbon-based life form sitting in front of it physically, as long as it’s getting the TLC through the network and server maintenance done on a monthly basis. And at the end of the day this translates into savings for your business.

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