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Siri Serving Up Inaccurate Weather Forecasts


First the maps and now the weather. The new iOS is certainly taking a beating.

The latest for the beat up mobile device come from PC Magazine and it’s a big one: “When asking for the weather in New York again, Siri told me it was 77 degrees, which is about right. But looking at the six-day forecast underneath, it appears that New York will have a high of 93 degrees today? That’s more in line with New York, Texas; temperatures in Manhattan are not expected to climb above 75.

So if we cannot trust the maps to get us from point A to point B and we cannot trust the weather what is left? Can the consumers ultimately say “well, at least it’s a very nice phone” and justify the new iPhone 5 price tag?

Click here for the full article from PC MAgazine.

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