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I love golf

There are few other sporting events out there that get me to sit in front of the TV more than a golf tournament. Sure, the most time would be an NFL Sunday but if we were talking about one single event then the PGA tour has everyone beat hands down.

Every time I discuss with a colleague or a client about golf, or more particularly about watching golf, I have to almost duck to avoid the eye rolling that comes my way. Some people are interested enough to offer a few comments but there was times that the “Oh come on! It’s GOLF!” comes out and puts me in the defensive.

So why do I love this game so much? I guess it’s the fact that golf is not only an amazing personal sport but also a highly unpredictable one. A player can have the best three days of their lives and fall apart on Sunday. Or amazing come-back stories can be viewed that will enter the history books.

Of course the same can be said about your business. In today’s economy there are no more guarantees. Those that rest and enjoy the status quo might find themselves behind someone more eager and more hungry for the success they currently enjoy.

Golf is a game that rewards the winners and is crewel to the losers. At the end of the round there is only one person in first place and everyone else lost. While in the business world there can be several winners your audience will ultimately remember one name.

Success is measured in the course by many variables: the length of your drive, the accuracy of your shots, the read of your putts. Wouldn’t you business be much better served by evaluating all the variables that will put you on the road-map for success?

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