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How do Microsoft’s latest technologies affect you?

According to this article Microsoft is going to start making phone hardware to complement their phone OS. Of course this is a technique that Apple has used to ensure that their product can withstand the user test. Yet, even with the iOS running on Apple’s hardware, the operating system was eventually cracked (“jailbroken”) from advanced users that wished to add functionality missing from the software thus far.

So why does this move makes waves? Let’s consider this: today’s Windows phones are running a subset of Windows 8. Basically, the implementation of tiles and Surface devices have all pushed Microsoft to release a single underlying system for everything. While a sound marketing plan (and the users could certainly appreciate the unified look across devices) if and when someone finally cracks the capabilities of the phone they will not only have access to that device but also have a unique insight of how Windows 8 handles its graphical interface.

Moving forward, and since Microsoft is making this investment in phone hardware technology, we can only assume that they are positioning themselves to be a key player in the field. But in order to do that they must carefully observe what people do with their phones. Apple, while warning about a voided warranty, has never been that mad at the jailbreak community but has instead taken its queue from the additions to the software on subsequent iOS releases. Microsoft has never taken that approach with anyone interfering with their product and it would be quite surprising if they start now.

We would bet that this phone will feature frequent updates as soon as the never-ending race starts between those who “tweak” with it. Just keep in mind that if you are a Microsoft home user those changes might affect a lot more than just your phone.

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