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I love golf

There are few other sporting events out there that get me to sit in front of the TV more than a golf tournament. Sure, the most time would be an NFL Sunday but if we were talking about one single event then the PGA tour has everyone beat hands down. Every time I discuss with […]

Responsive Web Design or A Completely Separate Mobile Website?

So you’ve finally decided that your business needs to implement a mobile web design. That’s great! But you’re not done. Now you must decide if your mobile website will be a responsive design or a completely separate mobile website. This is a very hotly debated topic, and a very important one, as there are great […]

Nokia Sets Rollout for New Lumia Phones

I remember years ago when I was at an SMBNation event at the Microsoft campus. I had a very basic “smart” phone. Nothing really to write home about, it was able to use a mobile web browser and its cutting edge feature was being able to check emails through POP and IMAP. When I got […]

Is your social media marketing strategy all that it should be?

eWeek’s article on social media and small business is good. But do you really know how to avoid the nightmare that a bad social media campaign can bring to your business? We can help! Even if we are not there to put together the strategy we can certainly come in and offer our solutions after […]


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