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Oops. It is certainly important to have a sound plan to accept all forms of payment online. Just make sure that your financial institution will be around long enough for you to enjoy the benefits!

Big Layoffs At BitTorrent The company behind the revolutionary file-sharing protocol sacks dozens of employees. More info @ Automated post from Axios Consulting – April 24, 2015 at 07:40AM Share

What if your doctor told you that you had two weeks left to live?

I just received an email from a client of mine. They forwarded me an email from one of the other consulting companies they are doing business with and they wanted my take on things. After giving their ridiculous recommendations on a technical issue my client is experiencing (which I will explain in further detail in […]

How do Microsoft’s latest technologies affect you?

According to this article Microsoft is going to start making phone hardware to complement their phone OS. Of course this is a technique that Apple has used to ensure that their product can withstand the user test. Yet, even with the iOS running on Apple’s hardware, the operating system was eventually cracked (“jailbroken”) from advanced […]

How the CA gas crisis is affecting your network

Gas prices in California have reached a four-year high twice this past weekend. This will certainly affect not only the weekend drives with the family, but also the daily commute and cost of all goods that are being transported around via our major freeways using the now-precious fuel. And do you know who else is […]

Hackers Breached Adobe Server in Order to Sign Their Malware

Well, this is nothing new. A well-known company that’s hacked only to be used as a trojan horse to infect other computers (usually of smaller businesses or regular consumers). So why does that happen? There are two reasons that hackers are after your computer and are resorting to hacking the giants like Adobe: 1. Processing […]

How secure is your network?

A new botnet, called Nitol, has emerged. This bot uses victims’ PCs to conduct distributed denial of service attacks and give cybercriminals backdoor access to install other malware or data on your network. Below is an article from ars technica talking about the bot and Microsoft’s efforts to defeat it. Do you know if your […]

How will you setup your network post Microsoft SBS?

Microsoft has officially announced that Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 will be the last version of SBS produced. They also announced that support for Small Business Server will no longer be provided. Do you know the alternatives to Small Business Server? We do! And your options are more than you think! Call today for a […]


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