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How YouTube Plans To Be The YouTube Of VR

There's a pitch happening somewhere in Silicon Valley right now. A venture capitalist is listening to someone spin an idea. “We want to be the YouTube of VR. There's all this new great technology,” says an eager entrepreneur. “But there's not going to be enough content when people get into virtual reality.” It's true! Virtual [...]

People Are Flooding This Dentist’s Facebook After He Was Named As The Hunter Who Killed Cecil The Lion

Here’s what the internet does when it thinks you killed a lion. American dentist Walter Palmer was identified Tuesday by The Telegraph as the hunter who paid $50,000 to kill one of Africa’s most famous lions earlier this month. A spokesperson for Palmer told The Guardian: “As far as I understand, Walter believes that [...]

Your Apple Watch Is About To Get Faster And More Powerful

With these new changes coming this fall. “We really believe deeply in this space,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told the audience at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers' Conference. “We believe in technology designed for the wrist and we believe by opening up the platform that you will create new and powerful uses that today we can [...]

Hackers Got Tax Information For Over 100,000 People From The IRS

The hack, which took place over two months, revealed sensitive information included in tax returns. Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images The tax returns and tax information of over 100,000 U.S. citizens have been hacked through an online service provided by the IRS, according to the Associated Press. The hackers behind the attack spent [...]

Charter Communications Reportedly In Deal To Buy Time Warner Cable

Another bite at the apple for John Malone to create a cable colossus. Mike Blake / Reuters Time Warner Cable may be rushing back to the altar in a deal to be bought out by cable billionaire John Malone's Charter Communications, a month after a takeover attempt by Comcast failed amid regulatory scrutiny. Bloomberg News [...]

Data Of 1.1 Million Carefirst Users Stolen In Cyberattack

The attack comes after a spate of similar cyber security breaches at large companies in the United States. CareFirst CEO Chet Burrell in 2014 Gary Cameron / Reuters CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, a non-profit healthcare company, said Wednesday that the data of about 1.1 million current and former customers had been comprised in a cyberattack. “Evidence [...]

Apple Watch Gets Its First Big Software Update

Watch OS 1.0.1 brings performance improvements to Apple’s first wearable. Apple The Apple Watch is getting its first-ever software update. Apple on Monday rolled out Watch OS 1.0.1, the next iteration of the Apple Watch's operating system. Following the retail launch of Apple's first wearable by less than a month, the software update is largely [...]

Apple Announces New 27-Inch iMac And 15-Inch MacBook Pro Ahead Of WWDC

Two new hardware updates. Apple Apple's got a pair of hardware updates in the pipeline and it's not waiting until WWDC to unveil them. The company announced a new 15-inch MacBook Pro on Tuesday morning, and a new 27-inch iMac as well. Expected updates both — thanks to a report on MacG, the new machines [...]

You Can Order Takeout Food Directly From Google Now

Google your next burrito. Google just rolled out a feature that lets you order takeout directly from search results. Google The feature works only on mobile, but when you search for a restaurant, there’s a new option at the bottom of the result to place an order. Brendan Klinkenberg / BuzzFeed Brendan Klinkenberg / BuzzFeed [...]

25 Things You Didn’t Know You Could In Safari

Browse the web like a bo$$. Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed Create a theater-like experience while watching videos with Turn Off the Lights. With the Safari Keyword Search extension, you can look up different websites (like Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia) for information right from the address bar. For example, to Google Jared Leto, you'd just type [...]

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